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2010 totems....

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i am toying with the idea of upgrading the forks on my dt.
does any one know if the new 2010 rockshox totems are any good or not.
i guess what i am trying ti say is. have they fixed the seal problem and oil leak problems.
or are they best to be avoided.
the fork i have in mind is the totem coil. a local shop is doing them at a reasonable price.
thanks in advance guys n gals .......
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I think the past few years they have held up relatively well (I have an '08 solo air and have been very happy).

I replaced seals once but that's more of a routine maintenance issue IMO.

For what its worth, I am considering converting to coil. I think over the past few years the Totems have had a far better track record than Marz for reliability (however 2010 is looking like a good year for Marz....Maybe...).
I have an 07 coil and haven't had issues, I have done the speed lube frequently though. Easy as pie to do at home.
Two riding buddies of mine have Totems, one air and one oil. Neither has had problems and I have a Mar. 66 ATA which has been repaired numerous times. I'm waiting for the 2010 DH coil Totem to show up at Sacred Ride and that's what's going on my DT.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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