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2010 Stumpjumper expert 29

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Hey, does anybody know when the 2010 stumpjumper 29 experts are going to be available?
I heard there was a recall (frame problem)...please spill the beans if you know what the deal is...
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I got mine before Thanksgiving, it's been a blast. I pre-ordered back in the summer, so I got mine in the first batch. I was just at my LBS on the 23rd, and did not hear anything about a recall. I will check with them about the recall, and let you know if I hear anything. I did hear there is a recall on the new Epic, something to do with the brakes.

Sorry if I misread your post, I have the Stumpjumper 29 FSR expert, if you're asking about the hardtail version, I apologize for the confusion.
The only Spesh recall I know about is with the 2010 Epics and even at that not every level of Epic was affected. It was a problem with the Brain mounting point.
Thank you guys. And I did mean FSR, should have been more specific. Can't wait to get mine, I hear the ride is awesome.
Got mine in early november, lbs is keeping it for the winter. I cant wait to give it a ride,
I put a deposit for mine (Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29, size large) back in early November and was told last week that very few had been released so far and that the early batches were making their way to the east coast and that my LBS hopes to get me mine in late January (I'm in Washington state).

Was also told that the economy is pinching Spec'd a bit and they've scaled back mfg of these at the start of the cycle.

Who knows? I believe some of the folks who got theirs in Nov, had put deposits down for them in mid-summer.
Are the 29 really that big of a difference?
Sweetest 29er I have seen

It is a much sweeter looking bike then my Niner or any other bike out including a Sultan. Very good looking bike.
Jaybo said:
It is a much sweeter looking bike then my Niner or any other bike out including a Sultan. Very good looking bike.
Nah...having ridden them back to back...the sultan is nicer, but the Speshie is a nice bike for sure. I definitely like the slack HA!!
Large FSR Expert 29 are currently available from Specialized (and I have one in stock). Other sizes show late January for availability. Expert frames are available in any size right now.

I really like the Expert for the price...but prefer my Sultan. Problem is my frame and rims cost more than a complete Expert... For the money the Expert ROCKS! and it has great geometry and handling. I wonder if I put my parts kit on an Expert frame if I would like it more than the Sultan, though at that point it loses much of the price advantage.
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