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Picked up a 2010 Rock Shox SID World Cup recently off of CL. Pretty sure I got a steal for $350. Its brand new, carbon steerer tube, remote and shock pump. Already sold the remote and pump for $75 so basically got this fork for $275! Pretty stoked for sure!

I think I could easily almost double my money on this thing if I wanted to but this thing is sweet....think I might hold onto it. My race ht needs a new fork anyways and it doesn't get much better than this!

Any thoughts, suggestions or comments on this fork? I don't know much about forks and the instructions are pretty basic on setting this thing up. Probably need to go to the website for help. Also, not sure if I want to run it 80 or 100 mm. There are a couple pieces/parts that came with this that I think are spacers, just not sure how to set it up for 80mm. Might take it to the lbs as well. Need to get a disc wheelset and disc brakes too so might be a little while, unless I rob my fs.

Thanks in advance!
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