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2010 Reba Team U-Turn question

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Hey all,

I've been trying to get definitive info on some of the options offered for the 2010 Reba Team. I've been to the web site a number of times and can't get a solid reading (maybe I haven't looked hard enough?) as to whether the U-Turn and Maxle Light options are available together. I've considered just calling them, but thought I'd begin here first. Multiple local bike shops were no help.......

Any insight would be great.
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OOPS! I misread you question. the comments below apply to the 2010 Revelation. They are similar, most comments still apply, But I do not Know if you can get maxle light and U-turn together. I would still call Darren, if I were you.

yes, I just put one on my ibis mojo last week. Great fork! Stiffer, more adjustable, noticeably less brake dive even though I now get full travel.

I never got more than 115-120 mm. out of my Fox float 150, even set with 35mm sag

Be aware of ongoing problems with the U-turn model. Push can fix it. I bought mine directly from Push, already fixed including their "factory system upgrade", for not much more than they are selling elsewhere.

Talk to Darren at push before you buy. You will be glad you made the call, no matter what you decide.
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