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2010 Mamba leftover...worth picking up to upgrade?

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So the LBS has a leftover '10 Mamba in my size. It's discounted at $743. Seems like a good price.

Is the Mamba frame the same as the X-Cal, Paragon, etc? Is this worth picking up for the money even if I decide to swap out parts later? It seems to me this is the last "true" GF bike I can still get new since the '11s are Trek GF Collection. Are the '11s better?

Thanks. :cool:
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2011 got a redesign, most would say for the better.
blunderbuss said:
2011 got a redesign, most would say for the better.
I knew they were different. 100mm forks instead of 80mm for one. I'm not familiar if the geo/handling is any different however.
Buy it, ride it, and enjoy it. The 2010 model was still a good bike, even if the '11 is 2% better.
There will be a lot of Trek gary fishers collection bikes in the future. get a bike that will be more rare and more of a true gary fisher.. plus 2010 was like 3 months ago and its not like its reallly outdated or anything. either way any bike will depreciate but trek has more shops than gary fisher shops had so they will sell alot more trek gary fisher collection bikes in the future (that is if they don't totally kill of the fisher collection name).
I haven't tried out that '10 Mamba, but I did find a '10 Cobia for just a little more at another LBS.

First I tested out an '11 X-Cal at one LBS. It felt goodt. I rode it back to back with the '10 Cobia which also felt good, but quite a bit different. The handling seemed quicker to me. The price is definitely right on the '10 Cobia. I have a few components at home I could use to upgrade it nicely (X9 RD, bar, stem, seatpost, etc).

So then I make the mistake of test riding an '11 Paragon at another LBS. I also tried another '11 X-Cal back to back with the Paragon and there was no comparison. The Fox felt so good I thought there was something wrong with the Reba. LBS said the Reba was fine. I'm still wondering about that Reba though.

Either way I want the Paragon, but I don't want to want the Paragon. :madman: I should've never even tested it out. It's so much quicker than the others and the Fox just soaks up anything you throw at it.

Something is telling me just to buy that '10 Cobia and do a few upgrades. My bike collection just continues to grow and I really don't NEED anything. Especially a Paragon. :D
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I went back to the LBS to test out the '10 Cobia and '11 X-Cal again. I had the shop set the fork for my weight and off I went. Long story short I fell in love with the '11 X-Cal. The shop messed with the rebound for me and it felt great. Back to back rides the '10 Cobia just didnt' feel nearly as good. The X-Cal inspired more confidence and felt much more stable to me.

I'm a proud new owner of an X-Cal. :D :D :D

In retrospect I think something was wrong with the setup or Reba on that other X-Cal I rode. It's amazing how setup can really change the overall feel of a bike on even a parking lot, curb hopping ride.
Congrats on the new X-Cal! Definitely a better speced bike than the Cobia but also has the price tag to go with it. Got some pics? :thumbsup:
gabe23 said:
Congrats on the new X-Cal! Definitely a better speced bike than the Cobia but also has the price tag to go with it. Got some pics? :thumbsup:
Thanks! I know, but it seemed worth it to me. I paid $1385 + $50 in free accessories. Not a GREAT deal, but not a bad deal either. I think what amazed me the most is how great the Reba felt at one LBS and how horrible it was at another. I'm convinced there was something wrong with the one. It kind of sucks for me because I would've had a better back to back comparison with the Paragon at the same shop. In the end I'm really happy I went with the '11 X-Cal though.

Here's the other thread I posted:

A few changes are planned, but nothing significant right now. I just want it to warm up a little more here so I can hit the trails!

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Nice, looked at one of these today... 1250, should probably pick it up... looks sweet!
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