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I need to put this out there. Since I just got my HiFi I've been adjusting everything. Weatherman warned me about stripping the front caliper threads on the fork. Well, check this out...

Yeah, good for about 3 threads in the fork once you get all the spacers on there. It's really not clear how long the bolt is when the bike is together. So yesterday I am adjusting it and, you guessed it, it started to strip. :madman:

Fortunately, I didn't rip the crap out of it and since only three threads were affected the fix was easy. A trip to the local True Value store and a new, longer M6 bolt along with some blue loctite corrected the issue. Pretty sure an even longer bolt will work.

Hopefully this thread will prevent some unwanted issues for new owners. I'll let Trek know so they can spec a better bolt with the bikes.

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