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2010 Giant XTC 29er 1

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The new Giant XTC 29er's are out and about. This one just came in today.
26.37 lbs :D

This bike looks fast sitting still. If your in the area swing past and check it out.

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hubba hubba :ihih:
daaaammmnn.. that thing looks sharp. So what's the deal with a maestro equipped Giant 29er? Was that just a big rumor or what?
I'd a thunk it woulda been lighter. What's making it over 25 pounds? Heavy cranks, and hubs and rims?
lookin' good! I guess the OEM wheels could be lighter? Digging the color scheme and the blue ano touches on the seatpost and headset.
Never been a fan of giant but that thing looks really good. Looks a lot better than anything I have seen from the other two generic bike companies. (i.e. specialized and trek) Very nice touches on the annodized parts for a stock bike.
that thing looks sweet. is that a thru axle for the fox?
Giant's website doesn't show the 29'ers yet.
Anyway, that's one very nice-looking bike!
TR said:
Looks like a Giant.
That's what she said!

(sorry, just got back from Sierra Nevada Brewery)
You need to go and have a Dr check it if it looks anything like that pic.
Maybe have it lanced. :p
Deore cranks, Giant brand rims, 2.0 spokes, Deore rear hub, Giant thru axle front hub. That's a fair amount of the weight.
Nice blue anodized headset and yes those rims look massive. I thought they were coming out with a singlespeed compatible version....
Any idea on who makes the Giant spec rims? They look deep, like deeper than the Velocity Chukker's!!!
I dunno, looks quite nice and all and the ano bits are a nice touch, but over $2k for a 26+lb HT :rolleyes: Bit heavy IMHO, even considering the stock crappy, rebadged parts :rolleyes: Hope all the ugly Giant rebadging is all stickers and comes off easy :madman: Wonder what they might sell the frame only for?
Anyone having any weight figures on the frame? Surely, like stated above, all the weight is in the wheels/cranks, but that still seems a bit higher than I'd expect!
they really did some brain thinkin when they came up with the name of that bike
LyNx said:
Wonder what they might sell the frame only for?
Do you mean Trance 29er, which is the first stage of testing? You like it much before the rip9, trance has 127mm of travel and in 29er format will rock&rule.
LyNx said:
Wonder what they might sell the frame only for?
Yeah, frame only option has me very interested.....anyone hear anything yet?
Right now the frame only option is not available. It probably will be later on once they get the complete builds out to the dealers.
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