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2010 Fairhill Classic Race, be there! 7/18

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The 2010 Fair Hill Classic will be held Sunday, July 18 2010 at the "fair ground" area of FHNRMA. There will be professional cyclists, those who race for sport, beginning racers, and a "1st Timer/Novice" race for those who just want to try racing their mountain bikes for fun. For kids, there will be a "Kids Race" suitable for kids from training wheels to about 8 years old. Older and more skilled cyclists should try either the Novice Race (~8 miles of easier trail) or the Beginner Race (~ 13 miles of more challenging terrain). Those interested in racing can find more information at, or can pre-register at Race class, award information and the entire race series schedule is available at Pre-registration is $30.00/racer, "day of" registration is $40.00/racer. All racers age 18 or under race for $10.00 and the Kids Race free. There are 38 different classes who will race a beautiful race course from 8 to 50 miles long. Classes are organized by age and skill level. Food is available at the race and cycling industry exhibits and race team tents are open to all. If you want a fun way to see some of the best mountain bike racers in America compete, or race yourself, bring your family and join the fun.
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This race rocked. This was my and my friend's (username PikeBum) first race, and the Delaware Trailspinners really had their sh!t together. Very well organized. Great trails with a little bit of everything. We did the 8.1 "first timer" course and finished in the middle of the pack. Overall a great experience and I hope to be back next year to do the 12 mile ride. My ONLY gripe was that, at the awards ceremony, a mic/PA system was really needed. Many people there couldn't hear a word that was said...too much extra noise from the concessions area, I think.
good race, i will be back, I saw several photographers snapping everyones photos, anyone know if these will be available and where?
wayyyyy too long doubletrack open field in the beginning. Otherwise it was pretty good, especially the short groomed pump section around mile 15. Never thought I would hit a double in a XC race. :)
do they have a trail map up on the delaware trail spinners site?
I was there for th 50 miler,Just want to say thank you to all the first race and I have never been happier to see someone with a cup of water.
These guys made for a great day.
My 1st race and it was a great experience. Found out the hard way to only use tested equipment. I bought a new small saddle bag just for the race and on the first technical spot the seam broke open and my multitool and car keys went flying. If the multitool hadn't made a noise when it hit a rock I would have never noticed and been stranded 2 1/2 hours from home. Still it cost me about 4 minutes and I ended up jamming the point of the keys through my sock to keep them in place. Hot was definitly the word of the day... probably as close as I've even been to a heat melt-down.

I was able to find some nice pic from the race at the link below.

That's funny, b/c my friend and I in the novice race found a wallet in the first "technical" section, maybe 100 yards into that first set of trees after the start. We both stopped, and he stuffed it into his pocket (I had stopped in case he wanted to put it in my camelbak). I feel we are both owed at least 45 seconds for that little bit of help (we turned it in to a third guy who picked up some of the stuff, and he gave it to officials at the finish line). Can't remember the name on the Drivers' License, but the whole time we were riding I couldn't help but wonder how this guy's wallet ended up on the trail.
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