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2010 Demo Avalability?

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Does any one know for the med. complete bike?
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Your dealer should be able to answer this question for you.
Our specialized rep says that if you backorder one now you will most likely get it in mid-Fedruary.
It's a big ticket item, but at the same time dh bikes are typically built in limited quantities. For a 2010 Demo now I'd say either search around shops or go online, or go to your shop and have them order it for you, you'll wait a couple months but you'll be guarranteed to get one.

I built up a Demo 8 frame and I freaking love it. Such a fast bike.
some frames are available now (or they were yesterday), but our team just put its big order in for completes, we were told mid feb for the delivery date.
I just spoke with the Northwest rep again. It looks like those of us looking to prodeal a bike will have to wait until the end of Feb - begining of March for the Demo II. The Demo I is closer to end of March - begining of April.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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