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2010 boxxer team vs. 2011 R2C2

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so i'm building up a bike and i've narrowed it down to the 2010 boxxer team and the 2011 R2C2. i can get the team for about $150 less than the r2c2. is there any new tech into the r2c2 worth paying 150 extra? or should i just save the 150 to go towards other stuff?

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Yes, they updated the damper, which means now, that the rebound damping isn't that much influenced by the compression damping.

"Basically we've changed the rebound piston to reduce the amount of compression force that it's generating, which allows us to re-valve the compression assembly in such a way that each of the clicks has more resolution, so each click makes more of a difference and gives much more of a grounded feel with the front wheel."
spend the money for the 2011. the fork is just plain better. smoother, updated damping, you can actually turn the knobs. also, depending on what shipment of 2010 it is, you'll avoid the necessity of needing to get updated parts (maxle, rebound cart, etc).
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