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2010 bike line sneak peek...

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...but you gotta go to Facebook to see it!

I posted some photos and info about a few of the 2010 bikes. More will follow...we can't show ALL of our cards now, you know. ;)

And if you aren't a Haro MTB fan on Facebook, it's time to pony up! Once we get 1,000 fans, we can get our own custom Facebook URL (that's the rule for corporate pages). Right now, we are about 45 fans shy, so head on over and become a fan!

So what are you waiting for...go! Get outta here! Click here now!
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No doubt

SSdaveo said:
That white Beasley is sweet.
I like the fact that it has a suspension fork too.

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tl1 said:
I like the fact that it has a suspension fork too.

i wonder what hubs they put there?
Wow that thing is super nice......I'm VERY shocked( no pun) to see Haro (or anyone for that matter) going with White bros..This has got to be a huge lift in sales for WB to get this account with Haro..I'm not a Facebook member ( nor do I wish to be) anything else that looks good? Thanks............CF.
Ok DHJ I'm a fan.................

Yeah for FB ........ finding old girl friends.........
im a fan on fb, im drooling over that beasley! when do the 2010s become available?

For some reason facebook lost my account, I can't get it back and they won't e-mail me. I like mtbr much better. I don't feel like making a new facebook account but I love my Haro. What a dilemna!
That Smurfy Blue Steel Reserve 1.2 looks NICE!
And the price is nice too!

If I wasn't already so happy with my SS Thread 8, I'd be all over that bike.
With the Escape models gone, will haro have a future hardtail to replace the all mountain line?
SSdaveo said:
That white Beasley is sweet.
+1! I lurv white bikes! :D

Edit: I did a double take and... are those WTB 650B rims???!!! :eekster:
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