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2010 Anthem Advanced SL Fork Options

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I am considering a 2010 Anthem Advanced SL carbon. It has the large lower headset bearing. Is the Rock Shocks SID the only fork option, or could I use a magura Race SL 100mm? Would I need an adapter or special lower headset bearing cup? Thanks, Perry
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I am sure some one makes a reducer headset, however, I am wrong a lot.
my frameset did not come with a reducer but they are available from a few sources so easy to get hold of
That's strange, I have been promised that such are included when I ordered mine. Well I'll see within shortly when it arrives...
yes, we thought so too, even called Giant to find out, it would make sense for them to provide one, but it certainly was not in the box with my frame. Strange really, when i bought the previous Anthem Adv frame i got a Carbon botle cage, thick manual in a binder and a water bottle. with the advanced frame you get nothing, a basic manual and some plastic stick on frame protectors to protect from cable rubbing !, that's it, no extra's at all !
Ok. Yes, I also thought that carbon bottle cage would be included as it is with the XTC Advanced SL. The binder I don't care about, the bottle cage however is great and I still want one.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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