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2010 575 question

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Hey guys, I've been looking really hard at buying a new frame and have looked at just about everything. Recently sold an Ellsworth epi frame and am thinking I would like to get a 575 again, had the old model and loved it, but that was a few years back. I see 2010 comes with either a full carbon or carbon/ alloy rear triangle, does anyone know the frame prices for these or specifically the difference between the two. Also are the frames already available for purchase, I know when I bought my old one I had to wait a bit into the new year before they were ready. I looked at Jenson and believe they had the 10' full carbon rear for $1800, but to be honest Im probably more interested in the carbon alloy combo. Any info would be helpful, lookin to buy within next few days, if I can research it enough, thanks.
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i have a 2010 carbon rear and i'm a big guy ~260 and i -love- mine. //g
Thanks for the info, I was able to do a test ride today on a medium full carbon rear and it felt great. I'm 5'11 and I think the medium is the way to go, I wish I could ride a large but none available for demo. I always hate being between sizes, seems like I'm always right at the cutoff line between medium and large. From what I've read It seems most people my height are stickin with mediums.
I think you are good with a medium. I am 6'2 on a large 575 but have a longer reach. Welcome back to the Tribe! Those 575's should be available right now. I have to side with gage on the full carbon rear, best way to go.
On its way

Pulled the trigger this evening and ordered a medium in ano black through my lbs. Ended up going with the full carbon rear, now time to wait in anticipation for its arrival. Glad to be back in the tribe, I should of never left. Will post build picks as soon as I can, shouldn't be long, lbs said frames were readily available.
ya, you should have it soon.. i'm excited for ya. :) //g
Thanks, counting down the days, it can't get here fast enough. I'm truly looking forward to putting this one together. I've got everything but the wheelset, not sure which direction I'm going but thinking about more of a strong xc/trail wheel as opposed to something heavier. Gonna use the 575 for some aggressive trail riding as well as some team endurance racing every once in a while (Just for fun). My build so far consist of a full XT drive train, thomson seatpost/stem, CK headset, monkeylite bars, with wheels yet to be determined. Any suggestions/ recommendations would be appreciated. At this point I'm trying to get to the 1 "Do it all" rig instead of several according to the wife.
There are some good deals on XTR wheelsets now. I have these wheels
on my 08 575 XTR Pro, and have not had a problem. They are light, but I
don't do any big drops or big hits.

Best, John
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