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They turned me loose
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Just picked up a used bike. It has a 2010 32 Talas RL. Felt like shart when I got it, very sticky and needed some obvious work. Put in news seals, 10wt Golden Spectro and it feels a little better but is still exhibiting the same problem as before.

At a standstill I can place all of my weight on the fork, it does not move. It is not locked out. At a standstill I can compress the fork as if it was hitting a root at high speed (if you know what I mean) and it actuates the travel, which feels OK. The problem is the force required to actually get the thing to go through its travel. I know the RLC has a blow off knob but the RL does not. It must have some sort of factory installed "default" in the guts somewhere.....I'm wondering where that is?

Im 215 and started with 115psi....waaaaay to stiff. Knocked it down to 100, still not great, currently set to 75psi and it's still locked out for small bumps. It doers feel like its blowing through its travel when it does actuate....

Any ideas?
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