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2009 Zaskar Carbon

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I just got a 2009 Zaskar Carbon Pro. What an awesome bike to ride. Anyone else riding one of these?
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I recently bought an '09 Zaskar Carbon Expert, and I love it. Best bike I've ever bought. I dont care much for clipping in, so I took off the CB candy c's, and put a set of Ringle ZuZu sealed platforms on. How are those Cross Trail wheels working out so far? Ive had a few spoke issues with my Crossrides, so I might be picking up a used set of Chris King/Atom Lab wheels from a friend to put on it instead...
So far, so good with my wheels, but I only have about 100km of trail riding on it so far.
That's an sweet ride you have and it looks like you have some great riding where you are.
Mine is identical to the 2009 GT Zaskar Carbon Pro at GT's website. If I could take a picture that good, I would post it.
I should learn to shut my mouth; I just went down to test fit my bike on my new roof rack, and heard a creaking from the bottom bracket when I hopped on. Found both of my bottom backet bearings were backed out of the frame quite a bit, mainly on the drive side! Now I'm gonna need a bottom bracket bearing socket, dammit.
Wow, that's too bad. How many miles do you figure you have on the bike?
About 100 miles. Tightened them today, they quieted down again. Whew!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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