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2009 Xtr?

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I can't find any info on 2009 XTR products other than the bling'd out gold accents.

Any news on what's in store for 2009?


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yep..there are no "real" changes...same ol' 970 XTR ;)
if you want any new info u properly lookin for hearing them abt june or sometime in summer coz every brand launch new bikes wif new bits abt sept.
the new for 2009 is the yumeya that got all the upgrade fancy bits for the 2007 xtr
i think that is coz no more info is released although there re some hint for new xtr in 2010
2010 XTR: ten speed? More carbon? More $$$$$
Sea Otter will be the first glimpse of new stuff since it has become a mini-Interbike for manufacturers showing off teasers for Interbike.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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