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2009 Vertex RSL Team - headset question

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Folks, I've got my hands on a 2009 Team RSL frame, but I'm confused as to which headset to get. The RM web site indicates the carbon Vertexes use an integrated FSA Orbit CS, which doesn't appear to exist on the FSA site, or anywhere else.

ChainReaction Cycles suggests the RSL uses the 45/45 Campag standard - in which case the FSA CE should work, but apparently this is a 'headset for 46mm OD headtube' (no idea what the 'OD' means).

Anyone able to cast any light?

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The world of integrated headsets is the most cumbersome aspect of bikes, what were they thinking with a zillion sizes and standards?

This 42.0 FSA Impact set is the one I'm using on my Vertex and Altitude.

A Campy Record will fit, but the bearings aren't fully sealed.

And these Stolen headsets would work.

The 42mm diameter with 45/45 bearings are the two key dimensions.
thanks for the info rockyuphill. I went out and bought one of these this morning.

on the basis that most of the numbers line up. According to the description, the headtube id is 42mm. Do you know what the OD: 46mm refers to? Bonkers ....
I measured the top cap diameter on the FSA IMPACT headset that I'm using at 44mm, there'd more hangover of the top cap on the 46mm diameter version, but that looks like it would match the actual Vertex headtube diameter better anyway.


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Thanks again. I put the headset in and it seems to fit without the use of brute force, and there's no slipping around. So the 42mm seems to refer to the internal diameter of the headtube, and the 46mm referes to the diameter of the top cap - which fits flush with the frame.

Cool - job done (I think!)
Anyone know what Canadian retail is on the new Vertex RSL Team frame is?

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