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Hi everyone,

Long time lurker that decided to make a post to help guide me through the decision.

quick background:
Michigan XC trails, some DH up north. Our trails are ascends with some technical descends but nothing that is like out west; rocks roots dirt sand.

2009 stumpjumper 29er FSR. I originally had a 2009 Stumpjumper 29er HT but bought a 2009 29er FSR frame and just did a component swap.

I've been biking since 2008 so I would say either the bike has outgrown me, or I've grown out of the current setup of my SJ. the shock is 80mm and bottoming out the faster I go.

Should I look at upgrading the front and rear fork to a 120mm, or even try and go for a fox 140mm which would then adjust the HA?

I am open to a new / used bike that would be great at AM..maybe trying to find a used SJ evo.

Any help is appreciated!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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