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2009 S-Works Epic Questions

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Hello, I just bought a used 2009 Epic S-Works and I'm pretty jazzed. It's pretty much stock as far as I can tell.

I have a few questions that I'm hoping you guys/gals can help with?

1) What would be the best way to go 2x9 on this bike? It seems that the Spec site is sold out of double spiders and chainring sets. Assuming I can find the spiders/chainrings somewhere (any ideas on this?) - what should I do about the front derailleur and front shifter? Is there a way to use the existing derailleurs/shifters? If I can't use the existing front derailleur/shifter, what would you recommend I upgrade to?

2) If I have to upgrade to go 2x9, can I upgrade to a XX front derailleur and shifter? Does anybody sell the direct mount style XX front derailleur that would work with this frame? Would this work with the existing XTR rear derailleur/shifter?

3) The bearings in the rear suspension pivot mechanism seem to be developing about 1-2mm of 'slop'. Is there an easy way to fix this? Should I just tighten the bolt, or do I need to replace the pivot bearings?

4) This bike came with a quick release seat post clamp. I don't believe this was stock and seems somewhat 'dangerous' since this bike has a carbon seat post and frame. It seems that a bolt seat post clamp would be preferred so I know exactly how many Nm to tighten it to. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks much for your help.
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