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2009 Rockhopper Comp Disc upgrades?

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Hey folks,

I have the above mentioned bike stock, except for oury lock ons, shimano spd 520 pedals, and rhyno lite rims with deore 525 hubs. Oh, and a raceface handlebar b/c of recall.

I am suffering from upgraditis, and am thinking about the fork, drivetrain, shifters. Not sure what I want. I'd like it to get lighter and a little more plush ride, so maybe go tubeless eventually.

My only complaint really is the tires so far. Once autumn hits or I get tired of washing out going downhill on turns I'm going to upgrade, at which time i'll consider going tubeless.

I mostly ride xc, like going for distance and a good workout rather than getting too technical.

But what should I upgrade? This is my first mtb, so I'm thinking fork right now, but how will a nicer fork change my current ride? Thanks for reading my post and I appreciate any feedback.
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I know many would disagree and even your self since it's your budget.

I'd say don't go crazy spending $$ on a Rockhopper. I own one and their great started bikes but I'm in the process of upgrading significantly (Epic) because I did the math and it did not make seance. A good fork such as Fox makes ALL the difference and good hydrolic brakes help a lot, but buying and installing those two upgrades would easily be $500-$600 and you still have all the other basic components. You may be better off buying a higher end Specialized (Stumpjumper) and then selling your existing Rockhopper. IMO.

normally I'd agree. But when I end up buying a full suspension, I'm probably gonna spend around $5000. My wife won't allow me to buy a new bike yet, and I want to put at least 2,000 miles on my hardtail before switching to a full suspension, so that I get efficient at picking lines. So I just want to make this bike better, and hopefully ride this bike for 25-50 miles per outing.
$5k for a MTB being a weekend warrior like me is crazy $, I totally agree with your wife. The 2009 Epic Comp I'm looking into is in the $2,900 which is still a lot of $.

There are other very good options of full suspention bikes w/o the Brain that are in the $1,500 range. Even if you'd like to stay in the hard tail line, you can get a nice Stumpjumper in the $1,100 range. Then you sell yours and off set the expense.

I just think it'd be a shame to spend $$ on a Rockhopper to still be close to the 30lb. and with started components.

Not sure where your at but in the bike section has bike parts all the time that are used and sometimes new.

I look at the local CL everyday and find things that I want but don't need that are used for cheaper then NEW.

This is one way to save on upgraditis.
Had one and totally understand

My first bike was a rockhopper disc and I totally understand your dilemma. I don't know how much money you want to spend but these are the priority of parts that I would change.

Wheels- Stan's Arch/Flow wheelset (eventhough you already bought the rhynolites. You can run tubeless without issues with the stan's)
Tires- Mountain King 2.4 front and 2.2 rear
Maxxis Ardent front with an Ignitor or Crossmark rear
(Really there are so many great tires. Almost everything is grippier than the LK's)
Brake Levers- Avid Speed Dial 7 (don't go hydro unless your mechanicals squeal. BB5's are good brakes IMHO)

All this adds up to about $700-750. And you haven't even touched your 24spd transmission. I wrote all that to say this: APO nailed it on the head. Sell your ride "as is" for $500-600 then buy a used Stumpy or something that floats your boat with the $700 plus your $500. I sold my "mildly upgraded" 08 Rockhopper disc last Spring and have been very happy with my decision to upgrade to another bike. I honestly don't think you will be happy dropping big bucks on a Rockhopper. Good luck with your decision. Hope this helps.
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