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2009 Rock Shox Reba Race with Pushloc

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Hello All,

I just bought a 2009 Reba Race 100mm fork with Pushloc Remote adjuster and am wondering how to adjust the Compression and Flood Gate settings? The Pushloc adjuster does not have a compression knob on it. Right now if I turn the Flood Gate knob on the fork clockwise and let it go, the spring forces it to return to its default setting (Open). Does that mean 2009 Reba Race with Pushloc does not allow you to adjust the Flood Gate and Compression settings? BTW, I have not installed the Pushloc yet. Any helps are much appreciated.

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RTFM print.pdf

No, you do not have a true compression adjustment with Pushloc. Your best bet if you feel you need adjustable compression is to switch to a Poploc Adjust.
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