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2009 KHS Solo One SE?

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Anybody got one?

I've got a potentially good deal at the LBS for one of these, and was hoping to get some feedback on it (those in the Reviews section are for older models). How is the frame/fork, components (the disc brakes gotta go though), etc., and most especially, the ride?

Reviews of the previous version weren't so positive, particularly about issues with the dropout getting deformed. Has this been solved with the disc brake mount brace on the left dropout? Is the sliding dropout system on the '09 any good?

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I got one

Mine is great- deformed drop outs not a problem- but I think that checking the drop out for alignment and checking bolts should be done regularly with any single speed- just so much torque being put on the poor little bolts. I ride it single and rigid with Schwable Big Apple slicks in the dirt- fast and responsive!
I have a KHS Tucson. I like the way it rides. Nice bike. Best deal going for a steel frame 29er. Good geometry.
My friend got one and the rear triangle is not square. If the frame looks good then everything should be fine.
Schmucker said:
...the rear triangle is not square.
Sorry, I don't quite get this. What do you mean by "not square"? It's not straight/aligned?

When you think about it, that's a funny sentence :p
I have a 2008 for about 3 weeks now. So far so good. Just used as my commuter. My left hand sometimes tingles, so I'll have to experiment with my posture/grips more.
Tingle Hands

Try Ergon Grips- I got them on my SOLO makes a big difference
anyone put a springy fork on their solo one 29er??

100mm or 80mm??
I'm interested in any feedback on 'em as well... although I did already order one so I guess it doesn't matter much.
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