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2009 Paydirt Thanks

On behalf of the Jorba Paydirt Committee, I would like to thank Jorba chapter leaders, work crew leaders, and all of the 470 trail volunteers that have donated 5953 hours of their time to work on the trails in New Jersey this past year. Our parks value this volunteer time in dollars at $140,609.86.

A special thanks go out to our above and beyond volunteers for 2009:

Steve Filliponi, 256.5 hrs at Stephens
Robert Workman, 185 hrs at Allamuchy
Kurt Widmaier, 123 hrs at Wharton
Jason Fenton, 107.5 hrs at Six Mile
Art White, 103 hrs at Ringwood
Norm Albrecht, 94 hrs at Wildcat Ridge
Frank Harms, 94 hrs at Allaire
Jason Pace, 77.5 hrs at Six Mile
Brandon Lauerman, 72 hrs at Allaire and Mercer
Kevin Stout, 71 hrs at Baldpate

Volunteers will be awarded prizes at the Jorba public board meeting on January 17 at Wharton State Forest. This meeting is open to all Jorba members. Awards will include a Cadillac Cruiser donated by The Bicycle Hub of Marlboro. In addition to this, all of the 470 volunteers will be having their names/hours entered into a raffle to win a Cannondale Scalpel donated by Cyclecraft.

For more about the Jorba Public Board Meeting:

Thank you volunteers! Wishing you many happy rides in 2010!

Ellen White
Jorba Paydirt Committee


About Paydirt:
The JORBA "Paydirt" program was created right here in New Jersey by Sarah Frost and Wally Tunison back in 1996, and has been adopted in other states, and become a nation-wide standard. Paydirt serves to provide an incentive for individuals to volunteer for trail maintenance and trail building. Paydirt also serves as the main vehicle for tracking the number of volunteer hours that are spent building and maintaining trails. These hours are leveraged to apply for grant money which is used to further the trail building efforts of JORBA. They are also filed with the State as a record of how mountain bikers give back to the Parks.

The incentive part of Paydirt comes in two forms. Other than an intangible satisfaction a volunteer may receive with knowing that they have contributed to a great cause, the tangible incentives of paydirt are as follows:

1). For performing 10 or more hours of volunteer trail maintenance or trail building, racers in the Campmor Hudson to Highlands Race Series (H2H series) receive 5th place finish points in addition to their season race points total. This can make the difference for an overall series podium finish.

2). Non-racers (as well as racers) who perform at least 5 hours can be eligible for various raffle prizes, including a Cannondale Scalpel donated by Cyclecraft. Also grand prizes, including a Cadillac Cruiser donated by Bicycle Hub of Marlboro, will be awarded to the individuals who perform the most amount of hours of volunteer trail maintenance and trail building each year.

YOU DIG ?? :)

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