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2009 Ibex Trophy Comp

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What does everyone think of this bike? I'm very close to pulling the trigger and buying it. The only thing I don't like about it is the color. Anyone have a picture of one they bought?

BTW I'm 6'2" 220 lbs.
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Its a nice bike for the money. Performance Bike usually has something very similar in the same price range with their Team Performance store credit. I bought my wife a very similar bike component wise that might have been $60 more because of sales tax. Your LBS can also offer some decent deals.
I've got an 08 Trophy Comp, it's a great bike. The components are great for the price, I couldnt find a bike locally with anywhere near the component group for the price.
Check Giant's line. They are offering incredible packages right now in this range, along with many shops offering better deals for 2008 and 2009 bikes. Plus you get the advantage of not guessing on the size, along with in-store guarantees and tuneups and warranty support.
Jerk_Chicken does speak the truth, I was in a giant dealer's store the other day looking at FS bikes and was surprised at some of the pricing.
Agree with Jerk_Chicken and Takedown... try and stick with an LBS so that you can try out the bikes to make sure they fit. If GIANT is having some specials, that's the ticket. Great bikes, IMO. There is always a risk buying a bike online.
Their will always be something that has a slightly better deal for what ever reason. Generally it turns into a wash if one wanted to spend the next year plus comparing just to wake up and find the season gone. :thumbsup:

Ibex has great support here on their forum and in house. Bicycle manufactures warranty their own name branded items. So if you buy a Yeti then Yeti will warranty that name only. All the components are warrantied by their individual manufacture not Yeti or the LBS. :cool:

Size of frame to get is pretty simple at 6'2", large or 29. Should actually add in the 650B size as another option so thats 3 to pick from. :cornut:
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