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2009 GF HIFI Headset upgrade ???

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Hey, just looking into the upgrade possibilities....what should I buy?

I think its a ZeroStack type, but not completely sure....please help....LC(thx)
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What's your reasoning for wanting to upgrade the headset?

Yes, it will take a zero-stack headset. A reliable, sort of affordable option is the cane creek zs-3. Could add some color with the cane creek 110 zs - pricey, but top of the line.

Unless the bearings are totally trashed in your headset, you wouldn't notice much of a difference upgrading the headset. The money could be better spent, if nothing is wrong with your headset.
Sorry, this was actually a build due to warrenty....ZS3 from cane creek is a perfectly fine headset.

I wasnt %100 on the type of headset when i did the, this is a non issue.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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