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2009 Fuel Ex 7,8,9 Top Shock Mount

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Trek apparently failed to put enough lock-tite on the upper shock mount on the 09 EX 7 8 and 9 and this has caused some people to have creaking issues. Please take the time to remove said bolt, add lock-tite and re tighten to 9.5 in-lbs. If you don't have a torque wrench, don't have lock-tite, or don't know where your upper shock mount is go to your LBS. :thumbsup:
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Hah. Just took my 4-day old 09 EX9 on its first trail run today. Got up to the top of a 400' climb, and noticed there was vertical "play" above the shock where it meets the forward mount on the EVO link. Turns out, the mounting bolt had come loose, and the oval-shaped nut on the drive-side has, uh, "disappeared"--meaning the top shock-mounting bolt isn't really screwed in to anything at the moment.

Taking it back in to the shop tomorrow--hopefully they have some extra nuts lying around for those of us who've lost ours and this won't be a big deal...

So far I know 2 people have lost those stupid nuts that are specific and one broke the top shock bolt. These are the only 3 fuels that the LBS sold this year. Why cant Trek use a standard nut instead of one that you need to buy directly from them? WTF? Fahn
Took the bike in yesterday. On my way in, I showed it to my sales guy whose eyes opened wide and he replied, "Wow, our service manager is usually obsessive-compulsive about pulling and lock-tite'ing those bolts." I'm guessing he must have missed one.

Evidently, the issue is that Trek, in the assembly process, uses (used?) an insufficient amount of lock-tite on the bolt. Dealers are supposed to pull and re-apply lock-tite to the bolt during the in-store build.

Anyway, they didn't have a spare nut in stock, but were able to pull one from another bike and install it. So I'm good to go. They filed some warranty paperwork on it (probably to get an additional nut shipped to them for their floor model.

You'd think the bike shops would keep a few extra nuts in a drawer though. Sounds like this is a very common issue, and it's a very easy part to lose.

The reason shops don't "keep a few extra" is cause if they did that for every bike, they'd have a storage garage filled with parts from I-Drives, Fuels, Dakars and 200 other suspension designs. Why doesn't Trek use something standard? Fahn
My Fuel EX7 2009 (Alloy not magnesium Evo link) has the same noise. and I will try to do with your advise but at Tag that printed at bolt is " 85 lbs-in.". Why you advise use only 9.5 lbs-in.? (hotfeat1227)
Ive had the same creak on my ex7, driving me nuts. As well as my riding team. Had no clue. thought it might be my headset because i couldnt localize the sound. I hope that actual nut didnt fall out. I look as soon as i get off work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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