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I'm having a trailbike built up with parts already have (Trance X frame) and one of the parts already owned is a nice BWW wheelset but the front wheel is built with standard hub for 9mm traditional qr. Now I know all the benefits of the new through axle QR's 20mm from RS and 15mm from Fox.

Should I hold off and just partially build the bike, sell the wheelset and build a different wheelset for either 15mm or 20mm QR and get the fox or a rockshox pike?

have always ridden since 1998 with the standard 9mm, but now all the new technology for stiffness, tracking, etc. I want the best stiffness and tracking but also want to ride my bike asap! and not have to deal with more financial issues of selling the wheelset, etc

a lot of bikes are still being sold with standard front axles and forks

thoughts on this?
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