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2009 Fox Shox DHX 4.0 air?

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I found this one ebay, but I can't find anything about a DHX 4.0 air on the fox webpage only DHX 5.0 air.
I looks like it's missing the bottom out resistance knob.
It's half priced. Is it any good? AIR
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Giant supply's that shock with some of their bikes. I have that same item on my 08 reign. Works well for me, altho I'm a light weight. I like the fact that the propeddle can be turned off/on with the flip of that lever on top.
Maybe post this Q on the Giant form..
I don't know if it's exclusive to Giant bikes, but I just find it strange that I can't find anything about it on Fox's webpage. And the price seems much too cheap. Considering a new 5.0 goes for about 450$.
I recall that I found info on Fox's site a while back, don't know why it's unavailable now??
Did you do a search here?
I think it's similar to the 5, but the boost chamber sets the propeddle level. I have that chamber at min. allowable PSI, you loose some low speed compression as that increases.
What bike are you considering the shock for?
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