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2009 FOX RL80 converted to a 100mm

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is this doable. i know alot of the RS can be converted by removing an internal spacer are the fox forx the same?
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Trade with this guy?

Seriously though, the way to find out is to actually pull the air spring. Fortunately it's easy to do on a Fox and you don't even need to remove the lowers.
Might need to pull the damper side top cap (?) too, to see if the damper is long enough.

The F series forks can not be extended. Travel can be reduced but not increased. Aftermarket Fox forks are shipped set up for the maximum travel that they are capable of. Increasing the travel is not an option.

I would suggest calling Fox to confirm this, and/or downloading the owners manual for your fork from the Fox website.

Good Dirt
That isn't true. Fox F32 are all capable of anywhere between 80mm and 120mm and come with spacers pre-installed to suit the travel they are sold with. You can buy spacers from Fox in 10mm 20mm and 30mm.
I talked with Fox over the phone about this a while back, and they said that some F80 forks could be extended to 100mm and some couldn't. They would sometimes take F100 forks, limit them to 80mm, and then put F80 stickers on them. Fox said the only way to know was to open the fork and take a look.
Again, just pull the damper side top cap to see if it will extend the extra inch or so. An F80 specific damper will only extend ~15mm.
Thanks for all the replies. its a new fork so first service ill look into it further. thanks again.
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