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2009 Endurance Calendar through May 2009

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I put together an Endurance Race Calendar through May 2009 on my web page. Go to this link. Ride Calendar.htm
Additions, updates or corrections would be appreciated
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Sweet, thanks for the one stop shopping.
You forgot the Mohican 100 May 31st...
XC62701 said:
You forgot the Mohican 100 May 31st...
Have a link?
Thank you for your hard work!

Some dates have been added. Please check for errors or broken links. Ride Calendar.htm
Yes, thank you so much for your hard work compiling all this! I redid the web page for my Grumble 100 and forgot to fix the link, so now the address goes there again.

Looking forward to training for real again, I'm thinking these past 6 weeks off will rejuvenate me to some degree (and make the Grumble 100 less painful :thumbsup: ) Plus having an actual FS bike to take to some of the MTB events can't hurt! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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