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2009 Cannondale Moto 3 Carbon

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Hey guys,
I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a Brand New 09' Cannondale Moto 3 Carbon that is for sale for $2000 online. For those of you that own a Moto, is this a good deal?
I'm coming from an Enduro, and I want an AM bike that isn't double crown, and I love the lyric. you thoughts?
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Seems like a good price on a nice bike but... Online? Ebay? Is it used? Cannondales are not supposed to be sold online, not legitly at least.
Its a brand new Carbon Moto 3 for sale by a bike dealer
A real Cannondale dealer will require you to pick the bike in person... if not, well, it's the shop's problem, not your's. I think the price is very good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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