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2009 bonti race X lite

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Any one have any experience with these? And what changes are there from the 2008's?
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I forgot to mention. The 29er version.
There are two other threads dealign with this, one of them is here the other is in the 29er forum.

As far as differences, I believe the only difference is that 09 are made with scandium and sport louder graphics.

Hope that helps. I'm waiting for the 09 rims to be available to build a set.
They are different

The 2008 X-lite wheels use DT 240 Swiss internals and are re-badged Bontrager.

The 2009 hubs are not DT Swiss re-badged. Bontrager makes them or has someone else make them. They claim that the hubs are better but that is probably debatable since DT 240 hubs are pretty stellar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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