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2008 TALAS RL(32mm)

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I've retrofitted this fork on my '05 FSR Stumpy and it works fairly well along with my PUSHED Fox Septune rear shock. Economic times being what they are, I have hesitated sending the fork into PUSH to work their magic to the tune of $378. Any suggestions out there as to something I can do or someone else I might try that might trick these out a bit?? Thanks.
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whats wrong with the fork as is?

ill never own a fox fork again. you can tune manitou and marz forks at home, for just a few bucks in shims. RS's dual air offers a lot to dial in, topped with motion or mission control you get what you want out of it. 380 bucks for a tune is pretty crazy.
I just did a Craigslist purchase for the same fork (2008 32 Talas- 100-120-140), and just pulled it apart to inspect, and run fresh fluid. Done.

I would not have a fork "tuned" unless you encounter some issue with the performance. Also, it is very easy to be searching for something that just does not exist. There is always a compromise in suspension.

Should add- You have to know what you are looking for, if you do, then modification makes sense, but just sending something off without the slightest clue on what you need/want is probably not in your best interest.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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