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Yann Ropars
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It's time to clean up your hard drive and extract 1 or 2 of your BEST MOUNTAIN BIKING PHOTO shots from this year!! Nothing to win just, just remember and share the good times!

- Colorado, Maybe Front Range only
- Maybe 2 pictures max
Let's rock it in 09'.....

Here are mine:

Bobcat Ridge - Kyle on the Ginny Trail - Fort Collins, CO - 4:50 club

Storm Mountain - Loveland, CO - Yann breathing hard at 10,000+ feet

More can be found here:

Gravity Guy
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Damn, you've got me realizing how few pictures I took this year. I mainly shot video when I stopped. Anyway, here are my favorites:

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Pinning it on Capt. Jacks in the mud

Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle Recreation Bicycle frame

Dirt jumping at night ftw

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Killer! the Porcupine Shuttle dog

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I didn't take a lot of photos in 2008 around the front range actually. Hard to carry a camera on the same old stuff.

But I took a couple notable ones anyway.

@ Antelope at Hall Ranch. The rider in the rear is a newbie. Glad to introduce someone to the fun.

@ S St Vrain. Not too long ago. 8500 feet and no snow.


"Oldfart from Wayback"
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Times are tough for me this year, and it has been hard to even afford a tank of gas to go some place spectacular.

None the less, I found the joys of sticking close to home.

Since my car is an old Honda Civic, it is reasonable to drive it ~ 60 miles up hill, then coast back to town to get to ride the Tundra.

Thunder Pass


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where is that 2nd shot from?

dino said:
Wow. Some great shots in here:

Hard to narrow it down for sure (had to come back and edit it down to 2). Here are a few of my favorites:
Holy crap that's gorgeous! Where did you take that 2nd photo? I'm new to CO and while I'm enjoying skiing and showshoeing for now, I really look forward to sampling some of the great mountain biking.
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