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So, i Have an 08 66 ata, bought it new, back in the day.
However, i changed the oil in it, and performed the PAR removal, that was described in here.
I got some new O-rings, altho, they were too fat, so i couldn't put it back together, since the original O-rings were not damaged, or leaky (at least i think, i tried it a few dimes, and it didn't leak) so i put them back.
Threw everything back in there, filled with oil, put some air in it, and the fork didn't extend to the length it was on before, i only had like 180mm of the stanchions showing. now, it reduced to 170mm...
I released the air, and then tried to pull the lowers down, until i heard it top out. had 190mm of stanchions showing.
But, my main concern is, that on the top of the ATA side, i could hear air hissing IN to the fork, around the valve...
I pushed the valve in with a small screwdriver, it let some air out, and the fork fell down to 150mm of st. showing. as i repeated this a few times, there were always some air in it... i haven't touched anything in the top cap.

So, my question is, is it possible to take that apart, and change the O rings in it? or do i need something else to fix.
Also, tell me, if you have this same fork, how much of the stanchions can you see?

Thanks for the replies in advance!:thumbsup:
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