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2008 Kona Dawgma

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Friend of mine just purchased a new 2008 Kona Dawgma last week. He's currently out of town and won't be picking the bike up until next week when he returns. Question is he's got a set of Mavic 823's with C/L Disc that we were going to swap over from his other ride. Can anyone tell me if the Dawgma comes with 6 bolt or C/L rotors? Also what do you guys think about the Dawgma?
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Don't know but my 2008 Dawg Deluxe came with 6 bolt hubs.
I'm thinking a 6 bolt as well. Lot mote std then the C/L
Odds are it's 6 bolt, centerlock never really caught on.
i bet the new shimano hubs would be all the rage if they didnt have the stupid CL setup.

if hes got CL wheels and rotors, they'll swap right on though.
The Dawgma is a fun bike. Same geo as the other dawgs just different frame material and spec. I have upgraded some parts and easily dropped the weight down to 30.8 lbs without spending much. Its a 6 bolt.
What changes did you make to lighten it up?
in order of importance and biggest loss first.. tires, wheels, crank.. then maybe bars, stem, seat and post.. a distant last would be the shifters and derailleurs.
first change I made was putting on Schwalbe Rocket Rons, Specialized turbo tubes (light weight)<-- noticed biggest weight change with tubes and tires. Then: Race Face Dues seatpost, Selle Italia SLR ti seat, Ritchey Carbon bars, Ritchey WCS foam grips, KCNC stem. Some stuff I had in my garage. Not sure what was going on with my stock tubes but they were extremely heavy.
Thanks guys. I know the 1st thing to go will be the wheels. As he's got some Mavic 823's. And yes my guess is there maybe a weight gain there but they are a definite improvement over the the stock wheels
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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