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I had read about this and now I have experienced it. Lucky I didn't injure myself. I'm sure someone will and there will be a lawsuit. It is bloody dangerous having these chainstays snapping on the smallest of jumps. Obviously there is a flaw in the design or manufacture of this part.
I took pictures and sent them to Jamis. They said I had to go through a local dealer to warranty it. I took the chainstay into my local dealer with all pertinent info and he sent it off with Julio the local rep. Three months later still no word on whether it will be warrantied or not. Went in to follow up and their excuse is they lost the paper work. Really, they couldn't come up with a better excuse than that.
It's too bad because I really love the bike, especially for the riding up here in the Whistler, Squamish area. Unfortunately this has left a pretty sour taste in my mouth, and unless I hear something soon from Jamis will probably never look at purchasing another Jamis product and definitely wouldn't recommend purchasing a Jamis bike to anyone.
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