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2008 Fluid LT eye-to-eye

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I can't seem to find the actual eye-to-eye for the 2008 Norco Fluid LT. I have the DHX air 5.0 shock but it seems short and I seem to get alot of pedal strikes... Yes I did a search and couldn't find it here, Yes I check the Norco website very lacking in the technical info!, and yes I did buy the frame and shock used so I am just curious if I have the proper length shock... Thanks
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that measurement is hard to find

for any bike, regardless of brand.

two thoughts: 1) contact Norco directly or a Norco dealer in your area and

2) here's a review of your bike, there's no mention of a striking problem with pedals. FWIW, if you switched from clipless to flats, there will be a noticeable increase in pedal dinging.
Hope that helps, Jim
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