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Looking for a sharp handling FS XC bike. With a spec'd (approx) 70 deg head angle, I figure the Mettle should handle sharply in the tight single-track...but it's goemetry is not so steep to be a handful of twitchy on the fast and gnarly downside. Questions:

1) So, how do you like your Brodie Mettle in the tight single-track?

2) ....and also, how do you find the 24 spoke wheels?

3) How is the suspension in terms of active / non-active? I prefer a rear suspension that doesn't bob and suck energy when pedaling/climbing (duh...who doesn't, I know..)...basically a less active rear end. Firm but able to gobble up some of the bigger smacks. Of course, this can be depandant on the shock, but anyhow...what experience have you with your Mettle?

thanks in advance for your personl experience and feedback from aboard this fine Brodie beast :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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