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Bomb Squad Industries said:
Friday, 13th July, 2007

For Immediate Release.

Bomb Squad Industries in conjunction with the Hunter Valley Mountain Bike Association shall run the 5D '..OF..' race series, a series of 4 races throughout 2008 that are set to redefine how people perceive Mountain Bike enduro events.

Starting with the 12 Hours '..OF..' Not So Much Darkness in February 2008, a day race designed to cater to all levels of riders, while throwing in mid race challenges and rewards. The 5D '..OF..' race series is sure to amuse the most not serious of racers while designed to challenge riders on all five levels and senses by redefining the very premise of what mountain bike racing is all about.

In keeping with the boutique nature of the series, each race shall be capped at no more than 250 riders, with the majority of entries into at least one event being by 'invitation' only. Utilising the fantastic HMBA course and understandably legendary track setting skills of the HMBA crew, each '..OF..' event will be vastly different from one another and offer the rider not only a new track challenge but also a new 'race challenge' each time.

The Bomb Squad Industries '..OF..' 5D race series is comprised of:

February: 12 Hours '..OF..' Not So Much Darkness @ $66 per rider.

May: 12 Hours '..OF..' Darkness @ $66 per rider.

August: 6 Hours '..OF..' Speed @ $77 per rider.

December: 6 Hours '..OF..' Track X. @ $88 per rider.

Each race comes with a minimum of:

Cash prizes and team trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
On course cash prizes.
Rewards for best '..OF..'.
And an overall series winner.

For full details and entry, visit http://www, for specific information come August, 2007
I think the above says it all, specific dates to come in the next few weeks, but HMBA are pleased to be bringing this 4 races series to the riders.
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