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Hey guys, been trying to search online and on specialized website and can't find a solid answer, so here's my two questions:

1) I'm trying to figure out the minimum seatpost insertion point for my frame (2007 stumpjumper expert Large). I'm not worried about the minimum seatpost length marked on my actual post, I'm talking about the minimum insertion so you don't ruin the frame. On some pdf, I did read something about the hole on the frame where you can see your seatpost. I'm just not sure if that's 100% correct though. EDIT: I found the manual online and got the answer

2) I heard about this when I bought my bike, but is it correct that I cannot fit a chris king headset on my frame? if you look on the specialized tech specs on my bike, it says "1 1/8" Threadless, alloy cups w/ 10mm insertion, sealed cartridge bearing" [link here]

thanks for the help guys.
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