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2007 Stumpjumper Comp

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There has been the pics posted on the new Stumpjumper on the "New Enduro Pics" post. But I found a guy in Denver selling the black 2007 stumpjumper comp on Craig's list:

There are some good pics of the bike.
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bike is overpriced. saw it in shop priced at $1999.99.
Does is still have 120mm rear travel or are they all now 130mm?
I dont have the answer to that question yet. Still trying to find some info. My guess is they upped it to 130mm.
Anyone got an idea of when it's actually released to market? Not seen any for sale on web sites yet....but (got2ryd) seems to have seen a 2007 stumpy in a shop??
I've seen various posts about July/August, but some still reckon September.
WOW thats some $$$. I just got my 06 comp for $1799. Any major changes to reflect the price?
Just saw one

Local shop had the same one yesterday. One of the other customers said it was $1600 but I didn't get to talk to the owner because I was on my way out. It is a sweet looking bike with great components. I had a hard time believing it was only $1600. I initially thought it was an '06 carbon frame because of the curves.

It was next to an '06 and looked sooo much better. I'm going to try and go back today and get the detail.
They're receiving some '07 Comps into our local store this week (Raleigh, NC). I'd assume there are quite a few shops that already have them in stock.
I did some more research and the travel for the comp remains at 120 mm. So, the biggest changes to the 07 stump fsr comp are the M5 frame, re-shaped downtube and the assymetric chainstays. Can't wait to see the higher end models.
So stumpy's are starting to trickle in. what about Epics.
Anyone seen or heared anything about UK supplies? Spoke to a local shop and he said september.....but I don't think he really knows.
The bikes are definitely out as I picked up my '07 Comp today. According to my LBS (The Bicycle Chain in Raleigh), there was an initial release and it could be up to a month or so until more are available. They put their order in the first day they were available so they got a couple (all sold) in the first shipment.

It's my first FS bike so I'm probably not the best critic, but I can't begin to tell you how much I love this bike!
New Bike Smile

Congrats Filapoosis- enjoy that Stumpy.:D
Wick said:
Congrats Filapoosis- enjoy that Stumpy.:D
Don't worry, I will! I plan to ride it every day this weekend, weather permitting.
Filapoosis - you lucky guy! I'm soooo eager to get my hands on the new stumpy too. I spoke to another shop today in uk, he reckons deliveries are coming in about 3 weeks.....I have an order in :D and can't wait.
we got one in at my shop for an employee, the differences i noticed between his 07 comp and my 06 comp are
the 07 is heavier (about the weight of pedals)
8" front rotor
rerouted rear brake line
frame color, and it seems painted where i believe the 05 is powdercoated (no chipping)
shifters are SRAM, and rapid-rise rear derailleur
brake levers were silver, but still juicy5
rear shock had better clicks between PP and open, but no switch for different levels of PP
m5 alloy instead of m4, thinner forged piece around rear shock
nice bronze parts where 06 are black
I feel even luckier after riding it today. I love the bike more and more every minute I'm on it.
I picked mine up on thursday but I have'nt gotten a chance to trail test it yet. They day I picked it up was one of the hotteset days of the summer so far(about 114-115) so needless to say I'm about to go insane until I ride it. I can't do evening rides cuz its still burning, and I have stuff to do in the mornings so maybe tommorow or monday.

But the thing is sweet, but mainly cosmetic updates. Much like Fillapoosis, it is my first FS bike so I am quite excited.
Does is still have 120mm rear travel or are they all now 130mm?, and which fork, the new talas 140mm?
does the anodized black still there?
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