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2007 Scalpel or later?

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Question for the forum - I started riding mtb in 1990 and have never had a full suspension bike. My lat mtb was trek 9.8 hardtail. I have been riding only road since. Thinking of getting a mtb and was thinking the 2007 scalpel. I know the rear suspension is different than the current models.

Do you think the 2007 suspension is fine or should I go a later year?

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I would go with a later model. While the old scalpels were good, the newer ones are even better. More travel, stiffer, lighter, more responsive. You should be able to find a used 08 for a pretty decent price out there on the intarwebz somewhere...
i have an 07 scalpel 2 and i have been very happy with it and have taken it on many adventures though it doesn't have as much travel as the newer versions i find it more than adequate for everything that i ride (XC) it climbs very well descends well and soaks up most bumps very well.

I looked at 08 scalpels and rushes before i bought the 07 and personally liked the way the 07 felt and the component level it had (all xt, mavic 817ust rims, fizzik saddle, fox rp23 carbon lefty, etc...). The 08's felt more plush and perhaps if my riding style was more aggressive on the downhills i would have gotten those.

With that said try out a couple of 07's and 08's and see which one you like the most.
One thing to know the 07's have a the frog link and if you ride in a lot of muddy conditions its very feasible to wear out the bushings in the linkage and you'll have to rebuild it - its not difficult nor expensive (about 45 for the entire kit) - but figured you should be aware of that.

best regards let us know what you get

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i've ridden both and prefer the 100 over the 70. geometry is improved and the seem to accelerate, climb, and handle cleaner and crisper
I also prefer the 100mm generation Scalpel. It's an improvement in every area compared to the older one. If I was prefering the older feel and ride, I'd just go with a Taurine or a Flash...
I've had both. Just as has been said, the newer bike has more travel, is stiffer, lighter, more controllable, etc. Ride both and see, but I think you'll be happier on the 100.

I'll sell you my 2008 Scalpel 1 at a steal! (A bit of a joke, but I'd consider it actually).

Let us know what you decide!
had both, since you are coming from a HT, the older Scalpel will suit you just fine however if you want a little more travel and comfort the new Carbon Scalpel would be the one.

either one, you cant go wrong.. :thumbsup:
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