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taikuodo said:
That is what the Ignition 1 paintjob will look like.
If jack is reading this, mabye you can post fire red and pearl lime too =]
The academy blue looks a lot better than the mockup picture.. I'm so curious to what the others look like.
Photos of the Pearl Lime and Fire Red are not available yet. Even where we do not have correct photos up on our website yet, the color selection for each model is shown in the color bars below the photos on the details page for each specific bike.

2007 IBEX Ignition-1 = Academy Blue

2007 IBEX Ignition-2 = Pearl Lime or Fire Red

2007 IBEX Ignition-3 = German Silver

2007 IBEX Ignition Frame (as sold separately) = German Silver (same as IGN-3)

Jack A.
IBEX Bicycles
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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