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2007 Element Team Broken Frame

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Here's a pic of my bike showing a broken chain stay . I can't believe that this bike broke , especially in this area . I am a XC rider , never do drops or jumps . I'm the second owner , will RM honor a warranty replacement ?


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The warranty only works for the original owner, but the replacement swingarm isn't that expensive. There were some issues with the 2007's at the front yoke of the swingarm in the 2007 BC Bike race.
How would you rate "inexpensive " ? Given your vast knowledge of all things RM , what's your opinion on the time it will take to get this part ?

Thanks !
Couple of hundred bucks I'd guess, depending how much your LBS marks it up. I think I paid $275 for my updated SXC swingarm to get the derailleur notch. I think it took 2 weeks to get my swingarm, they had to build it.
I crashed my ETSX 70 last summer and toasted the front triangle. I got a new ETSX Team front triangle for $389.00, but I am the original owner.
The Element chainstay is $150cdn wholesale, the dealer's typically markup such things 100% (which is the normal markup for components and other replacement parts), plus shop labour rates to change it (takes about an hour, more if you need to change the bushings/bearings at the same time). We've had to replace a couple older chainstays (2001 slayer, 2003 edge) which used the older welded lower assembly and both had cracked on the left side about 1" ahead of the dropout. It seems to be the main failure point for the element platform design.

Rocky isn't going to extend a warranty to a second owner, but the dealer might cut you a break on the price of the new chainstay as a "crash-replacement" price as the term goes in the industry.
Thanks . I'm going to see a dealer tomorrow . I'm hoping RM has one in stock ..because , I'm leaving on vacation next week to go riding ....
They have lots of them in stock, but make sure you get the correct one for your frame. They have many versions of them. We've got a growing collection in the storage area of the shop of older element-platform models needing replacement rear end bits so it seems as if either we've gotten a rep for being able to get the bits quickly in this area, or just everyone is noticing the cracks and stuff in their frame this season. The biggest thing to be careful about is whether your pivot bolts are countersuck or not (the frames with bushing setups use countersunk bolts, the ones with bearings do not).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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