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I have a 2007 Element 30 and love the bike. However, I am at a point where I would like to begin upgrading components with an emphasis on reducing weight.

I know replacing the front fork with a Fox could save a pound or two. How about the wheels/tires. Should I be looking at going with a tubless wheel/tire combination to save weight? Any other ideaas where I can get the most bang for the buck?

My bike is currently equipped as listed below:

Head Set-FSA
Stem-Easton EA 30
Handlebar-Easton EA 30
Brakes-Shimano Deore
Brake Levers-Shimano Deore
Shifters-Shimano Deore Rapid Fire
Gearing (RR/FR)-Shimano XT/Shimano LX
Cranks & Chainrings-Race Face Ride XC X-Type
Bottom Bracket-Race Face Ride XC X-Type
Hubs (RR/FR)-Shimano Deore (Both)
Cog-Set-Shimano Deore
Chain-Shimano HG53-9
Spokes-DT Champion
Rims-Alex TD 17
Front Tire IRC Mibro Marathon 2.25
Rear Tire - Panaracer Fire XC Pro, 2.25
Seat Post-Easton EA 30
Pedals-Shimano XTR

Thanks in advance for any weight reducing recommendations you can give me………..

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Nearly every component on your bike can be changed to a lighter spec'd part. However, you are on the right track with the wheels/tires in particular. I personally like running my wheels set up tubeless. Not only is it lighter, but it also allows you to run a lower tire pressure which translates to MUCH better grip and a MUCH comfier ride. There are a lot of nice/light wheels out there. I have been using American Classics on both my road and mtb going on 4yrs now. I have found them to be extremely durable/stiff/light weight. Stan's and Mavic would be my next 2 choices. Changing to an XT or XTR cassette will save you a chunk of weight as well. Tire wise, I have had good luck running a Kenda SB-8 on the rear and a Crossmark on the front. Nice and light with predictable grip. I run 28psi in the front and 30psi in the back on most trails. I ran this combo on my 29ers and I find that it works even better on the Element. I have an Element 50 with the Fox fork and have been really happy with it so far. I have no plans to swap it out but if I were to change forks tomorrow I would probably go with a Sid. I HIGHLY recommend the Formula Oro brakes that came on my bike. I have primarily ridden Avid brakes in the past and they don't even compare to the Formulas. Shifters/derailleurs/handle bars/seatposts, while you can save a little weight you will see minimal performance gain if any at all. Carbon does look pretty cool though!:D

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Rear Shock-FOX FLOAT RP2 CUSTOM VALVED you could go for a rp23 but it wouldn't change much
Head Set-FSA chriss king
Stem-Easton EA 30 go carbon
Handlebar-Easton EA 30 go carbon
Brakes-Shimano Deore xt/xtr you could also go hydraulic
Brake Levers-Shimano Deore xt/xtr
Shifters-Shimano Deore Rapid Fire xtr
Gearing (RR/FR)-Shimano XT/Shimano LX xtr rear-xt front
Cranks & Chainrings-Race Face Ride XC X-Type go carbon or xtr
Bottom Bracket-Race Face Ride XC X-Type get one of those cool ones where the crank slides in
Hubs (RR/FR)-Shimano Deore (Both) *
Cog-Set-Shimano Deore xt
Chain-Shimano HG53-9 xt
Spokes-DT Champion *
Rims-Alex TD 17 *
Front Tire IRC Mibro Marathon 2.25 *
Rear Tire - Panaracer Fire XC Pro, 2.25 *
Seat Post-Easton EA 30 carbon, or thompson elite
Saddle-WTB dont lose weight on saddles, get one that fits
Pedals-Shimano XTR keep them

*You could get a Mavic CrossMaxx wheelset, and add some tyres of your liking
* You could get some light rims and go tubeless, you'll lose a lot there.

How much does it weigh at the moment?

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You don't really need a new wheelset to run tubeless, and you can use regular tyres on it. Although a tubeless wheelset and tubeless tyres would be much better. As for weight saving, tubeless on your current setup wont really do that much. What would be lighter would be to get a light wheelset, and use tubeless on it as a bonus.

Tubeless tyres usually are filled with sealant, so if you get a hole, it seals by itself. watch here Although that is in optimal conditions. Last week a guy had a hole the size of an ink tube, and it wouldn't seal.

So yeah, skip tubeless. Slimed-up normal tyres, although heavier, save me from walking back home.

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I am doing similar to an element 10 -I could upgrade but I really like the frame..

I got Easton carbon bars and a ritchey wcs stem for dirt cheap. Have a new shimano lx 580 crank laying around-

got a great deal on Dt Swiss 1540 wheels (look at these if you get a chance), Continental Race king tires and an xt cassette and chain at Chain reaction cycles-

I am looking at a Sid team fork, a new saddle, and shifters (broke mine on a ride last night)

could easily take off 4-5 pounds (givng me a new drivetrian)
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