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I don't want to hear anybody ***** about these pictures. It's better than nothing. Yeah, that's right, there are some cross bikes and road bikes included.

The lighting at the show was very poor and as you can tell the pictures suffered. Maybe I shouldn't have taken them at 4mp because they are huge, but oh well.

I'm going to just link to them. If somebody wants to create a page with thumbnails or something, have at it.

Well, here goes.

<a href="">292
<a href="">292
<a href="">292
<a href="">293
<a href="">6700WSD
<a href="">Cake1dlx
<a href="">Cobia
<a href=" Possum.jpg">Fat Possum
<a href="">Ferrous
<a href="">Ferrous2
<a href="">Fillmore
<a href="">FuelEX7WSD
<a href="">FuelEX8WSD
<a href="">FuelEX9WSD
<a href="">P1
<a href="">P1_2
<a href="">Phd
<a href=" Disk.jpg">Poprad Disk
<a href="">Poprad
<a href="">Poprad_2
<a href="">Portland
<a href="">Procaliber
<a href="">SOHO
<a href="">X-Cal
<a href="">Ziggurat
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