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2006 Tamarancho (Boy Scout Camp) Pass Now on Sale

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The new, 2006 Tamarancho (Boy Scout Camp) annual passes, are now on sale. The passes, are valid for the remaining month of December 2005, and all of 2006. The 2006 passes expire on December 31, 2006.

The prices, for 2006, are unchanged--$40 for an individual, and $55 for a household of 2 adults and up to 2 children. If you purchased a pass last year, you will shortly get an application in the mail.

Or, if you wish, go to: and you can purchase your annual pass online, using a credit card, or print out an 2006 application, and send it in with a check.

If you get a 2006 Annual Pass now, you get 13 months for $40. That works out to $3.07 per month for unlimited riding.

(Day passes cost $5. If you think you will be riding the camp less than 8 times in the next year, you are better off getting a day pass online, and printing it out on your own printer, or going to Sunshine Bike, in downtown Fairfax, and buying a day pass with cash.)

The current, 2005 blue annual passes, all expire on Dec 31, 2005. It is valid only for another 5 weeks.

Turn around time is less than 1 week. Support bike legal singletrack in Marin, and don't poach Tamarancho!

Danny Forer
Tamarancho Bike Volunteer
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2006 Passes to be sent Thursday Dec 1

If you purchase a new 2006 Tamarancho Annual Pass online, with a credit card, prior to Thursday Dec 1 at 9am, you should get your new pass, in the mail, by the weekend.

The 2006 Pass is valid for the rest of 2005 and all of 2006.

13 months for $40 or $3 per month for unlimited riding.

You can also print out an application, and mail it with a check, or pay in person, or fax it in with your credit card info.

Go to:

Danny Forer
Tamarancho Bike Coordinator
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Tamarancho Trailwork

Let's not forget that other big hit by Danny Forer...

It took volunteer bicyclists over 6 years, to build the 8 mile Tamarancho Bike Loop. It has been recognized as one of the best places to ride in the country (Bike Magazine, Top 15 Places to Ride). Now you can help maintain Tamarancho as a great local singletrack loop.

Riders who frequent the camp in the winter know there is always some maintenance to do when the rains arrive. Last year, the trail work was very successful, in making Broken Dam trail almost "winter proof".

This season, the work will include, the cleaning out of drainage dips, and re-armouring soft spots on some of the other trails in the camp.

Bring boots, and work gloves. We will provide tools, training, snacks and drinks. Ride your bike, or drive to the Ranger station in the center of camp (top of Iron Springs Road). TRAILWORK STARTS AT 10AM PROMPTLY.

Trailwork Dates at Tamarancho:

Sat Dec 10, 2005

Sat Jan 7, 2006

Sat Jan 21, 2006

Sat Feb 4, 2006

Sat Feb 18, 2006

Put them on your calendar now.

For more information contact: Jim Jacobsen, president of BTCM, at [email protected] or 415.488.1443

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2006 Passes Are Being Sent Out

We have sent out about one hundred 2006 Tamarancho Annual Passes, yesterday.

If you haven't bought your pass yet, if you get your application to the scouts office by Wed next week, or buy it online, you will get your new pass in the mail by next weekend.

The blue, 2005 passes, all expire in 4 weeks.

Danny Forer
Tamarancho Bike Coordinator
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