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2006 Stump Jumper Expert Broken Swing Arm (chain stay)

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About a month ago I was having rear shifting issues I couldn’t adjust out. I had my LBS (Cycle and Fitness, St. Joe MI) replace the rear derailleur cable. As we removed the chain stay protector, we noticed the right side chain stay was cracked ¾ the way through!

The LBS contacted Specialized and was told only the main frame has a life time warrantee. Oh well, we ordered the part anyway. The part came and was black (my bike is flow red) and was for a different bike (an XC model I think). We re-ordered the part and this time they shipped the wrong part again, but this time was a dark red color! At least they were getting closer! Third time was the charm (almost), this time it was the correct part, but still was a dark red color.

By this time we figured close enough and went to install the part. As we went to replace the part, we noticed the now drive chain side was cracked also. See the picture below.

Looks like I better inspect these parts of the frame more often. Not sure how/when the parts cracked. Has anyone else ever had this happen?


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had that happen twice on my 05 fsr expert 120.

Seemed like for me these lasted about 2 years. Both times they covered the part under warranty, just had to pay for the labor. Seems like some people had to pay for the part some didn't. Not sure if it was a function of the year , or the dealer. They got the correct part on the first try both times.

How much did the part cost?

Hopefully my 2010 fsr 29 chainstay will hold up better.
2006 Stuntjumper FSR Comp - Broken Chain Stay

Mine has developed a crack after 4 years of riding. LBS tells me Specialized won't warranty this component, only the main triangle. First unit from Specialized arrived wrong, way too long, looks like an XC 29er vs FSR 26". Retail is $200 CDN. The crack is in the forging that holds the bearings close to the BB.
Just laughing about the specialized "warranty": They only cover the front triangle, but i doubt anyone has ever seen the front triangle fail.

I own a 06 sj exp myself, i hope i'm spared from those problems.
Your doing well if you haven't had any problems yet. I've ridden the bike pretty hard and have done lots of work on the rear suspension components to keep them going. Replaced all bearings a couple of times, replaced a broken shock link, the shock is next, sending if off to be overhauled by pro shop.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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