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2006 Marzocchi All Mountain 1 Fork with Shimano Deore Mech. Disc Brakes

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Hello all,
I am not new to tinkering, but I am new to doing bike work myself.
I just bought a fork off of ebay and am struggling to make it work with my bike.

It is a 20MM thru axle (already ordered a front rim to accomodate)
but it is not a standard disc mount, or at least not the same as the one that came on my stock rock shox one.

From what I can tell the fork has a 74MM set of holes and the shimano deore caliper came is 51MM.

Any idea WHICH adapter I need to buy? I'm struggling here.

Thank you,
Jeremy.'s a 2003 Gary Fisher Sugar 02+ Disc

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You need to tell us how big is your brake rotor...
As it stands it's 160MM...I am now finding that it may be cheaper to replace the caliper and disk in a package from pricepoint than to buy an adapter and a new disc to fit.

74MM post mount is what the fork is, I guess and the caliper I have is 51MM IS mount (on a bracket...but even if I remove bracket it looks like it would be 51MM post mount.

Hmm...$21 for a new caliper that is 74MM post mount and a new disc. Almost can't go wrong and it should work, right?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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